Tri-County Quilt Guild is partnering with local elementary schools in a program developed to foster a love of reading and an appreciation of a distinctly American art form. Quilt-themed books are paired with small quilts made by our members, and brought to area schools where the stories are read to the students, and the quilts presented as a hands-on depiction of the story.

As a typically American craft, quilting deserves to be preserved as an important part of our culture. We believe that reading quilt-themed books to the children, showing a quilt especially made to compliment the book, and answering questions about the quilting process and our quilting heritage, will encourage an appreciation of, and perhaps spark an interest in quiltmaking.

The quilts themselves are open to the interpretation of the quilter: some are representative of the actual quilt shown in the book. Some develop the theme of the story, some are more abstract in design, but all relate directly to the story paired with it.

We have a selection of books and related quilts available for our volunteers to read in the schools. Teachers are also invited to present the books and quilts on their own, and are invited to check them out for a two week period. The books are suitable for grades K-6, and address a variety of themes, including personal loss, tolerance, death of a loved one, perseverance, moving, and appreciation of heritage.

Click on each of the books below for the synopsis, theme, and additional resources.
More teacher resources can be found by Googling "quilt + lesson plan" etc.
Here's a few to get you started:
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Quilts in the Classroom
Illinois State Museum's Quilt Module
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